ILdasm.exe Assembly in C#

In this article we will discuss about what is ILDasm utility in C#.
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The Ildasm is an utility in C# which shows the information of Assembly in human-readable format by parsing any .NET Framework DLL. It also shows the namespaces and types and as well as their interfaces.As Assembly contains any MSIL code Ildasm.exe shows more than just the Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL) code. The advantage of ILdasm.exe utility is that it can examine some native assemblies like such as Mscorlib.dll, as well as .NET Framework assemblies provided by others or created yourself.

Here are some steps to see the use of ILdasm utility in C#.

  1. Firstly open the Visual Studio 2010 Command Prompt and write the command like this.

  2. Then a ILDasm window will open. In it select the File menu and click on open menu option.

  3. Then go to the location of the assembly and select the assembly to open it.
  4. A window will be opened like this which shows the information of the assembly.


In the above window we can see that whatever assembly or DLL we have chosen the ILdasm utility is showing all the information of the DLL. It is showing what kind of method a dll is containing , what kind of data field it is containing, what kind of constructor it is containing and it is also showing the manifest of the assembly.

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