Import An Excel Worksheet Into Access 2010

In this article I am going to explain import an excel worksheet into Access 2010.
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Import an Excel worksheet into Access

  • Worksheet and database table both are similar, this is stored in rows and columns. so we are easily import the data from a worksheet into a database table.
  • The main process is in how the data is organized, and what process to storing the data in worksheet and database table.
  • Simply import our worksheet data in a database table, but this problem associated with organizing and updating our data, particularly if our worksheet contains redundant data.
  • This problem is solve to related every data.
  • The table analyzer wizard is feature Access, and help to complete the process, Wizard help to split the table into separate tables.
  • Each of which contains data that is not duplicated in any of the other tables.
  • The wizard also creates the necessary relationships between the tables.

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