Import Or Link Data To An Existing Access Database 2010

In this article I am going to explain Import Or Link Data To An Existing Access Database 2010.
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Import or link data to an existing access database

Access tables contained the Access file, when we import from other source and programs.

First we click External data tab and we enter the import & Link group and click the format in which data is stored.


We use the following sources.

  • Excel   we can bring in data form a worksheet or a named range in the Excel workbook, then worksheet or named range must be imported or linked separately.
  • Access  We create a split database. we can use one database to contain all our forms, macros, and reports keep our data  in another Access database.
  • ODBC database  This database is help to create a "landing pad" database, where we combine and support from different system and different format.
  • Text file  This file easily to change the access, this is a simple text file.
  • Sharepoint  list we use to start a web browser.
  • Data Services  Connect the web data service inside our enterprise.
  • Outlook folder  We can easily integrate our contact information.
  • dbase file  this is supported by Access database.
  • HTML documents

When we follow the instruction in Access

Access will import or link the data to our database.

For most formats, we must specify the location of the data, and then choose how we want the data to be stored in our database.

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