Introduction of JavaScript

In this article I have described the basics of JavaScript and the advantage of JavaScript.
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JavaScript Overview

  • JavaScript is an Object Oriented Language that allows to create an interactive Web Pages.
  • JavaScript allows user entities, which are loaded into HTML form to be processed as required.

Netscape and JavaScript

  • JavaScript is a scripting language (web site development environment created by NETSCAPE.
  • Hence JavaScript works best with the NETSCAPE suite of client and server product .
  • The default scripting language that Netscape communicator understand is JavaScript.

NOTE - The default scripting language of internet explorer is vb script. NETSCAPE Communicator does not support VB Script .

HTML does not provide any techniques for validating user entities, this makes it necessary to introduce client side JavaScript in HTML program.

Advantage of JavaScript

  • JavaScript is an interpreted language, which requires no compilation step.
  • No need any special or separated editor for program to be written, edited and compiled.
  • Minimum syntax and easy to learn.
  • Quick development .
  • Designed for Programming events - OOP's concept.
  • Easy debugging and testing.
  • Platform independent and Architectural neutral.

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