Introduction to Adaptive Server Enterprise ODBC Driver

This article describes different versions of ASE ODBC driver available in market.
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Introduction :

There are various versions of ASE ODBC drivers are available in the market. Some of them are as follows

ASE 15.0 :

Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 15 is a fully-featured database management system (DBMS) for the DBA. There are a variety of tools available to the DBA which can be used to manage the performance and administration of your production system.

Syntax :

Driver={Adaptive Server Enterprise};app=app_name;server=server_add;port=port_num; db=database_name;uid=user_name;pwd=password

Note : In the above connection string 'app' is an optional field.

Standard ASE 12.0 Open Client :

In ASE 12, the tape head is positioned at the end of valid dump data, which saves time when user want to perform multiple dump operations. In previous versions of ASE, Backup Server rewound the tape before each dump operation. In release 12.0, Sybase introduced the dsync option of the disk init command.

Syntax :

Driver={SYBASE ASE ODBC Driver};Server=server_add;Uid=user_name;Pwd=password;

Standard ASE 12.5 Open Client :

Adaptive Server version 12.5 and later can store data that has different limits than data stored in pre-12.5 versions of ASE. Clients also must be able to handle the new limits the data can use.

Syntax :

Driver={SYBASE ASE ODBC Driver};NA=host_name,port_num;Uid=user_name;Pwd=password;

TDS based ODBC Driver :

TDS stands for Tabular Data Streams. Tabular Data Streams or TDS is the name given to the protocol that is used to connect Sybase clients with Sybase servers. Connection string used to connect with Sybase 12.5 is as follows

Driver={Sybase ASE ODBC Driver};Network Address=server_add,5000;Db=database_name; Uid=user_name;Pwd=password;

Sybase system 11 :

Sybase system 11 builds on years of real-world experience, adding state of the art features of the mature and sophisticated Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) framework. Its workload-adaptable architecture is one of the most configurable offerings on the client-server database market today. Sybase system 11 gives high performance and high quality. Sybase server 11 performs well when configured as a uniprocessor or multiprocessor system.

Driver={SYBASE SYSTEM 11};Server=server_add;Uid=user_name;Pwd=password;Database=database_name

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