Introduction to HTML

In this article I will explain what is HTML and how we create the web page.
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Html stands for hyper text markup language. It is not programming language. It is Web Designing language. It means it is used to design a web page. It is used to create a static web page. It is a markup language which contains some tags in it. It does not have any specific software to be run on. It simply runs on notepad. It has the extension of .html or .htm. It is used to describe how the page will be displayed. It focuses on the formatting of the web pages.It contains various tags which are used to provide various types of formatting on the content of the web page. It is not programming language it means it is not processed anymore. It does not provides any dynamic functionality in it.

In order to create the web page we will follow the following steps

Step 1: Create HTML file

The HTML file is simple a text file,and saved as with the extension of .html and .htm. You can write the HTML code either in the Nodepad or Dreamviewer and then saved the file with .html/or .htm extension.

Step 2: Type some HTML code

    <title>HTML Example</title>
    <p>This Article shows how to write the HTML    code</p>

Now save this file as Introduction.html.

Step 3: View the result in Browser

In this open your computer's web browser,and then File->Open then click browse,a window will appear.In this Select your file and click ok.The result will appear in your's browser. 

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