Introduction to Intersolv

This article describes how to connect with intersolv and its various versions
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INTERSOLV was acquired by Micro Focus Group in mid-1998, which later changed its name to MERANT. The InterSolv ODBC driver uses a commit mode equivalent to the InterBase API call ISC_COMMIT_RETAINING, which retains the cursor and snapshot view of the database after the transaction has been committed. INTERSOLV DataDirect provides a complete set of drivers to support the most popular databases in the market today. There are two versions of intersolv are present in the market these are as follows

Intersolv 3.60

Connection string used to connect with Intersolv 3.60 is

Driver={INTERSOLV 3.60 32-BIT Sybase};Server=server_add;Database=database_name; Uid=user_name;Pwd=password;

Intersolv 3.10

Connection string used to connect with Intersolv 3.10 is given below

Driver={INTERSOLV 3.10 32-BIT Sybase};Server=server_add;Uid=user_name;Pwd=password;

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