Introduction to U2.NET

This article gives brief introduction of U2.NET and also describes various features of U2.NET
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U2.NET :

IBM subsequently created the Information Management group of which Data Management is one of the sub-areas under which the IBM U2 family comprised UniData and UniVerse along with the tools, SystemBuilder Extensible Architecture (SB/XA), U2 Web Development Environment (U2 Web DE) and wIntegrate. Later, it was announced that Rocket Software had purchased the entire U2 portfolio from IBM. The U2 portfolio is grouped under the name RocketU2.

Features of U2.NET :

U2.NET will support creating DataSets that can then be consumed by LINQ based applications. DataSets for single-value, multi-value, and sub-value attributes can be created and then be consumed by LINQ for query, update and data-binding purposes. U2.NET will now be authorized in a simpler fashion that is consistent with the other U2 products. Allows users to script the creation of a configuration database and server deployment actions as XML, and then run the XML file at the target deployment machines.

In U2.NET two profiles can be created Server Profile and Login Profile.

Syntax :



Connection used to specifying the location of database is as follows


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