Look At Summarized Or Aggregate Data In Access 2010

In this article I am going to explain Look At Summarized Or Aggregate Data In Access 2010.
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Look at summarized or aggregate data

We can add a total row to the product subtotals query that we created in the previous example by using the following procedure

  • After run the product subtotals query.

  • First we click the home tab, and then click the totals tab in records group.


  • A new row add at the end in the datasheet, and click the cell named total.

  • Click the arrow to view the available aggregate functions.

  • Then we select the count.


  • Then we click the adjoining cell in the datasheet.


  • We select the total sub column and click sum, then show the total value.


  • At the end we leave the query open in datasheet view.

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