<abbr> HTML Tag

In this article I explain the <abbr> tag in HTML which is used for indicating an abbreviation.
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The <abbr> tag describes an abbreviated phrase.By marking up abbreviations you can give useful information to browsers, spell checkers, translation systems and search-engine indexers.

Some of the attributes of <abbr> tag

Attributes Description
class Specifies a classname for an element
dir Specifies the text direction for the content in an element
id Specifies a unique id for an element
lang Specifies a language code for the content in an element
style Specifies an inline style for an element
title Specifies extra information about an element

Lets take an example







    <abbr title="HyperText Markup Language">


    tag is used to create the web page.In this we use many tags one of these are

    <abbr title="Abbreviation">








In this example I make HTML and abbr as an abbreviation when I put the cursor upon these it looks like,




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