<strong> tag in HTML 5

In this articles i am going to explain about strong tag in HTML 5.
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The HTML <Strong> tag is used for indicating strong importance for own code. The strong tag surrounds the emphasised word/phrase. <Strong> tags to indicate stronger importance. You can use CSS to make nested tags appear stronger.

Support browser in <Strong> tag.

Chrome,  Firefox,  Opera,  Internet Explorer 9  and  Safari.

Lets take an example of <Strong> tag

    <em>Emphasized text</em><br />
    <strong>Strong text</strong><br />
    <dfn>Definition term</dfn><br />
    <code>Computer code</code><br />
        Sample output from computer program</samp><br />
    <kbd>Keyboard input</kbd><br />
        Variable</var><br />




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