Manage-Bde Command In Windows Server 2008

In this article I am going to explain about manage-bdeCommand in Windows Server 2008 operating system and also explain it's related syntax.
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Manage-bde (BitLocker Disc Encryption) is command line-tool that is built in Windows Server 2008.  Manage-bde tool manage the BitLocker from an elevated command prompt or from a remote computer. Manage -bde command is used to specify unlock mechanisms, update recovery methods, and unlock BitLocker-protected data drives. This command works like BitLocker Drive Encryption and Manage-bde command can be used in place of it. BitLocker offers volume-level encryption for data stored on Windows client and server platforms


manage-bde [-status] [–on] [–off] [–pause] [–resume] [–lock] [–unlock] [–autounlock] [–protectors] [–tpm] 
[–setidentifier] [–changepassword] [–changepin] [–changekey] [–upgrade] [{-?|/?}] [{-help|-h}]

In above syntax

Parameter List Description
manage-bde [-status] Displays all drives information on the computer.
manage-bde [-on] Turns on BitLocker and also encrypts the drive.
manage-bde [-off] Turns off BitLocker and also decrypts the drive.
manage-bde [-pause] Pauses BitLocker encryption or decryption.
manage-bde [-resume] Resumes BitLocker encryption or decryption.
manage-bde [-lock] Access to BitLocker-protected data is denied.
manage-bde [-unlock] Unlocks a BitLocker-protected drive to be accessed by providing recovery password and recovery key.
manage-bde [-autounlock] Automatically unlocks BitLocker-protected drive.
manage-bde [-protectors] Operate protection methods for the encryption key.
manage-bde [-–tpm] Configures the computer's Trusted Platform Module (TPM).
manage-bde [-setidentifier] This parameter specifies the drive identifier field on the drive to the value specified in the Provide the unique identifiers for your organization Group Policy setting.
manage-bde [-changepassword] Change  the password of drive.
manage-bde [-changepin] Changes the PIN for operating system drive.
manage-bde [-changekey] Change the startup key.
manage-bde [-upgrade] Upgrade the BitLocker Version.
/? Displays help at command prompt.


Displays all drives information on the computer.

manage-bde -status

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