Maximum values of all integer family in VB.NET

This articles shows the maximum values of all types of Integer in its family.
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As you all now an integer is a numerical value that does not have a decimal point or the numbers used in counting, including 0, with a negative or positive sign in front. Integers include the negative numbers. Integers are from the set of natural numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... The natural numbers do not have have either a negative or positive sign. and integers also have a maximum value, depending on the language definition or the architecture of the machine that the code is compiled on.

In this article we discuss about the same, shows maximum values of all the integer types. The given below example shows all the maximum value just read the example:


    Public Class values
        Public Shared Sub Main()
            Dim output As New System.Text.StringBuilder()
            output.AppendLine("Maximum Values")

            Dim maxByte As Byte = Byte.MaxValue
            Dim maxSByte As SByte = SByte.MaxValue
            Dim maxShort As Short = Short.MaxValue
            Dim maxUShort As UShort = UShort.MaxValue
            Dim maxInteger As Integer = Integer.MaxValue
            Dim maxUInteger As UInteger = UInteger.MaxValue
            Dim maxLong As Long = Long.MaxValue
            Dim maxULong As ULong = ULong.MaxValue

            output.Append("Byte = ").AppendLine(maxByte)
            output.Append("SByte = ").AppendLine(maxSByte)
            output.Append("Short = ").AppendLine(maxShort)
            output.Append("UShort = ").AppendLine(maxUShort)
            output.Append("Integer = ").AppendLine(maxInteger)
            output.Append("UInteger = ").AppendLine(maxUInteger)
            output.Append("Long = ").AppendLine(maxLong)
            output.Append("ULong = ").AppendLine(maxULong)
        End Sub




Integers have a fixed minimum and maximum values which is system defined. This article is helps you gain your knowledge about this all integers types values.


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