Menu control in ASP.NET using VB.NET

This article shows how to create menu using menu control in ASP.NET.
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This article shows the menu control in ASP.NET.

Menu control

MenuItems typically defines different levels of a hierarchy. Each MenuItem consists of properties that determine the look and feel of the MenuItem (e.g. text, navigateURL, etc). The Menu control conceptually contains two types of Menus:


That is always displayed on the page.


That pops out when the user opens a parent MenuItem.

Properties: these are the properties of menu control.


Figure 1.

For example:

drag a menu control from the toolbox on the form.

menu 2.gif

Figure 2.

Now set the property items collection of the of menu control. such as 

menu 3.gif

Figure 3.

Now click on the OK button and move on the form. Form look like this now.

menu 4.gif

Figure 4.

Now save and run the application and move the mouse up the books.


Figure 5.


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