More Command In Windows Server 2008

This article describes the More command in Windows Server 2008 operating system and syntax related with it.
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More command is used to display (but not modify) one screen of output at a time. It is used to view the information contained in a text file. Basic syntax for using More command is given below.


<Command> | more [/c] [/p] [/s] [/t<N>] [+<N>]
more [[/c] [/p] [/s] [/t<N>] [+<N>]] < [<Drive>:][<Path>]<FileName>
more [/c] [/p] [/s] [/t<N>] [+<N>] [<Files>]


Parameter Description
<Command> Any executable command whose output will be displayed.
/c Clears screen before displaying page which makes text easier to read as the more command writes to the screen.
/p Expands form-feed characters.
/s Reduces multiple blank lines in to single line.
/t<N> Expand tabs to n spaces.
+<N> Displays the first file beginning at the line specified by N.
[<Drive>:] [<Path>]<Filename> Location and name of a file to display.
<Files> Defines a list of files to display. Separate file names with a space.


Subcommand Description
SPACEBAR Move forward to next page when spacebar is pressed.
ENTER Displays the next line.
f Moves forward K lines, or one full screen.
q Exits the more command.
= Show line number.
p <N> Displays next N lines.
s <N> Skip next N lines.


more /c /s D:\Report.txt

Type this command and press enter



Then press SPACEBAR or any other sub command for further processing.

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