Navigation Controls in ASP.NET using VB.NET

In this article we will learn about the navigation controls in ASP. NET.
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In this article we will learn about the navigation controls in ASP. NET.

Navigation control

This controls will enable us to provide easy navigation features like Sitemap, bread crumbs for our site with a minimal effort. Navigation Controls are used to navigate in web application. Like by using a simple hyperlink we can navigate to another page but hyperlink can't show hierarchical or drop down menu or say links to navigate.

Toolbox displays the types of navigation controls.


Figure 1.

Navigation controls: There are following types of navigation controls in ASP.NET.

Pointer: Pointer are used to point the control. If we drag any other control on form it causes to create that control on form but pointer does not create any control on form.

Menu: MenuItems typically defines different levels of a hierarchy. Each MenuItem consists of properties that determine the look and feel of the MenuItem (e.g. text, navigateURL, etc).

SiteMapPath: The SiteMapPath control displays a list of links representing the user's current page and the hierarchical path back to the root of the website. This functionality is sometimes referred to as a breadcrumb for the user.

TreeView: TreeView Control, which can be used to consume information from hierarchical data sources like an XML file and then display that information. TreeView includes a major set of new features such as support for client-side populating, on-demand populating, postback events, hyper link navigation, and a lot more.


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