Net Localgroup Command In Windows Server 2008

This article shows how to use Net Localgroup command in Windows Server 2008 operating system.
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Net Localgroup command is used to adds, display or modifies local groups. Syntax used for Net localgroup command is given below.


net localgroup [<GroupName> [/comment : "<Text>"]] [/domain]

net localgroup [<GroupName> {/add [/comment : "<Text>"] | /delete}[/domain]

net localgroup [<GroupName> <Name> [-] {/add | /delete}[/domain]

Parameters For Net Localgroup

Parameter Description
<GroupName> Defines the name of the local group to add, expand, or delete.
/comment:"<Text>" Adds a comment for a new or existing group.
/domain Performs the operation on the primary domain controller of the current domain.
<Name>[ . . . ] Lists one or more user names or group names to add or remove from a local group.
/add Adds a global group name or user name to a local group.
/delete Removes a group name or user name from a local group.
net help <Command> Shows help for the specified net command.

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