Net Use Command In Windows Server 2008

This article explains the Net use command in Windows Server 2008 operating system and also explains it's syntax.
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Net use command is used to connects a computer to or disconnects a computer from shared resource. It is also used to shows information about computer connections. This command also controls persistent net connections. Syntax used for Net use command is given below.


net use [{<DeviceName> | *}] [//<ComputerName> \ <ShareName> [\<Volume>]] [{<Password> | *}]] [/user : [<DomainName>\]<UserName] > [/user : [<DottedDomainName>\]<UserName>] [/user : [<[email protected]>] [savecred] [/smartcard] [{/delete | persistent :{yes | no}}]

net use [<DeviceName> [/home[{<Password> | *}] [/delete:{yes | no}]]

net use [<persistent :{yes | no}]

Parameters For Net Use

Parameter Description
<DeviceName> Assigns a name to connect to the resource or defines the device to be disconnected.
\\<ComputerName>\<ShareName> Defines the name of the server and the shared resource.
<volume> Defines a NetWare volume on the server.
<Password> Defines the password needed to access the shared resource.
/user Defines a different user name with which the connection is made.
<DomainName> Defines another domain.
<UserName> Defines the user name with which to log on.
<DottedDomainName> Defines the fully-qualified domain name for the domain where the user account exists.
/savecred Stores the provided credentials for reuse.
/smartcard Defines the network connection is to use the credentials on a smart card.
/delete Cancels the defined network connection.
/persistent: {yes | no} Controls the use of persistent network connections.
/home Connects a user to the home directory.
net help <Command> Shows help for the defined net command.

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