New And Improve Controls In Microsoft InfoPath 2010

In this article I am going to explain New and improve controls In Microsoft InfoPath 2010.
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New and improve controls

We can add some new controls and decrease the feature gap between client and browser forms, and ensure that a more consistent form filling experience for all our users.

Some new controls include in InfoPath 2010:

Hyperlink capabilities Users allow to insert times and dates in our form.

Picture Buttons Use a image as a button in our form, without use of the default gray button.

Date and time picker Users allow to insert times and dates in our form.

Person/Group pickers Person pickers is a first class control and this is included by default in the controls gallery.

Signature Line Users allow to digitally sign a form form Editor only.

Browser form are include controls and functionality:

  • Bulleted, numbered, and plain lists, multiple selection list boxes, Combo boxes, Choice group and sections, and Filtering functionality.
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