OLE DB Provider for Index Server

In this article I will explain about Lotus Notes with ODBC Driver.
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Index Server is a solution built for the Web around CI.As a Web service, it is designed to be highly configurable, provide secure access to your corpus, reliably operate round-the-clock, require minimal intervention, and work seamlessly with IIS.As a search solution, Index Server is designed to have little resource overhead, automatically detect and index a dynamic corpus, provide round-the-clock querying capability, index content and properties of documents in several languages, and be extensible.


Include "Provider=MSIDXS" in the connection string to use this provider.



Provider=MSIDXS;Data source=MyCatalog;


Specifying the user locale

Provider=MSIDXS;Data source=MyCatalog;Locale Identifier=1033;


Bridging to OLE DB Provider for Index Server

Provider=MSIDXS;Data source=MyCatalog;

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