Openfiles Disconnect Command In Windows Server 2008

This article explains Openfiles Disconnect command in Windows Server 2008 operating system and also explains its syntax.
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Disconnect files and folders that have been opened by network users.


openfiles /disconnect [/s <System> [/u [<Domain>\]<UserName> [/p [<Password>]]]] {[/id <OpenFileID>] | [/a <AccessedBy>] | [/o {read | write | read/write}]} [/op <OpenFile>]


Parameter Description
/s <System> Defines the remote system to connect to.
/u [<Domain>\]<UserName> Command is performed by using the permission of the specified user account.
/p [<Password>] Defines the password of the user account specified with /u.
/id <OpenFileID> Disconnect the file opened with the specified file ID. You can use wildcard character (*) with this parameter.
/a <AccessedBy> Disconnects all open files specified in the AccessedBy parameter. Wildcard character may be used with this parameter.
/o {read | write | read/write}
Disconnect all open files with the specified OpenMode. Wildcard character can be used.
/op <OpenFile> Disconnect all open files created with the specified OpenFileName. Wildcard character can be used.
openfiles /disconnect /id 5

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