Overview Of Project Calendars In Project 2010

This article gives the overview of project calendars in Project 2010.
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Project 2010 uses various calendar for determining resource availability and the way the tasks are scheduled. Various calendars are explained below.

Project Calendar

This calendar is used to specify the default work schedule for all tasks.

Resource Calendar

Resource Calendar is used for each resource that you enter. Individual resource calendar is created by project based on the settings in the Standard calendar. Those calendars can be changed by clicking Change Working Time on the General Tab of the Resource Information dialog box.

Task calendar

In Task Calendar, tasks are scheduled based on the working time in the project calendar. This calendar is useful for equipments that runs and completes tasks throughout nights or weekends.

Base Calendar

It is used as a template that all above calendars are based on. Project provides three base calendars.

  • 24 hours
  • Night Shift.
  • Standard


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