PageSetupDialog Box Component in VB.NET

The Windows Forms PageSetupDialog component is a pre-configured dialog box used to set page details for printing in Windows applications.
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The Windows Forms PageSetupDialog component is a pre-configured dialog box used to set page details for printing in Windows applications. Use it within your Windows application as a simple solution for users to set page preferences in lieu of configuring your own dialog box. You can enable users to set border and margin adjustments, headers and footers, and portrait vs. landscape orientation. By relying on standard Windows dialog boxes, you create applications whose basic functionality is immediately familiar to users.

Use the ShowDialog method to display the dialog at run time. This component has properties you can set that relate to either a single page (PrintDocument class) or any document (PageSettings class). Additionally, the PageSetupDialog component can be used to determine specific printer settings, which are stored in the PrinterSettings class.

When it is added to a form, the PageSetupDialog component appears in the tray at the bottom of the Windows Forms Designer

Determining Page Properties Using the PageSetupDialog Component
The PageSetupDialog component presents layout, paper size, and other page layout choices to the user for a document.

You need to specify an instance of the PrintDocument class - this is the document to be printed. Additionally, users must have a printer installed on their computer, either locally or through a network, as this is partly how the PageSetupDialog component determines the page formatting choices presented to the user.

An important aspect of working with the PageSetupDialog component is how it interacts with the PageSettings class. The PageSettings class is used to specify settings that modify the way a page will be printed, such as paper orientation, the size of the page, and the margins. Each of these settings is represented as a property of the PageSettings class. The PageSetupDialog class modifies these property values for a given instance of the PageSettings class that is associated with the document (and is represented as a PrintDocument.DefaultPageSettings property).

To set page properties using the PageSetupDialog component

  • Use the ShowDialog method to display the dialog box, specifying the PrintDocument to use.

    In the example below, the Button control's Click event handler opens an instance of the PageSetupDialog component. An existing document is specified in the Document property, and its Color property is set to false.

    The example assumes your form has a Button control, a PrintDocument component named PrintDocument1, and a PageSetupDialog component.

        Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, _
        ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
            ' The print document 'myDocument' used below
            ' is merely for an example.
            'You will have to specify your own print document.
            PageSetupDialog1.Document = PrintDocument1        ' Sets the print document's color setting to false,
            ' so that the page will not be printed in color.
            PageSetupDialog1.Document.DefaultPageSettings.Color = False
        End Sub

    Output :


    Figure 1

    When we will click on the Button1 the result will be :


    Figure 2

    Source Code

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