Paste Data From Another Source Into An Access Table 2010

In this article I am going to explain Paste Data From Another Source Into An Access Table 2010.
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Paste data from another source into an Access table

In this process we copy a data in Excel table (worksheet) and paste our data in Access table.

If our data is in a word, then we should first separate the columns of data by using tabs, or convert the data into a table in the word, and then copy the data.

When we paste data into an empty table then Access fields  sets the data type into a Access table.

For example, if a pasted field contains nothing but date values, Access applies the Date/Time data type to that field. If the pasted field contains only the words "yes" and "no", Access applies the Yes/No data type to the field.

If Access assigns generic field names, we should rename the fields as soon as possible to avoid confusion. Use the following procedure.

First we click the File Tab.


Click Save to save the table.



In Datasheet view, double-click each column heading, and then type a name for the column.

Save the table again.

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