Replication Components In SQL Server 2008

In this article I am describing about various replication components in SQL Server.
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In this article I am giving description about various components of replication. In my previous article I describe about replication. You can visit from here: SQL Server Replication


The first system in the chain is the Publisher. The Publisher is the SQL Server that you define as having the origin of the data you want to send to other systems is called Publisher or Publishing Server. It makes the data available for replication.


A Publication is composed of one or more Articles. It is the grouping of data that you want to replicate.


An article can be table, stored procedures or a view that are stored within a publication. This is the actual information that will be replicated.


It is intermediate between publisher and subscriber. It receives published transactions or snapshots and then stores and forwards these publications to the subscribers for replication.


It is the SQL Server instance that receives all the published information through subscriptions.


Subscription is final end of replication. It defines which subscriber is to receive the updates published in a publication. Subscription is of two types: push subscription and pull subscription.


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