Satellite Assembly in C#

In this article we will discuss about what is Satellite Assembly in C#.
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An Assembly can contain resource files. An Assembly containing resources is known as a satellite assembly. A resource file can contain any resource such as text, string tables, pictures, etc. The resource file can be embedded inside the assembly. A Satellite Assembly is an assembly consists of resource Files and No Code. It's just a collection of resources which can be used. AssemblyCulture Attribute must be set for Satellite Assembly.

A .NET Framework assembly containing resources specific to a given language. Using satellite assemblies, we can place the resources for different languages in different assemblies, and the correct assembly is loaded into memory only if the user selects to view the application in that language. In general, assemblies should contain culture-neutral resources. If you want to localize your assembly (for example use different strings for different locales) we should use satellite assemblies.

Use the Assembly Linker (Al.exe) to compile .resources files into satellite assemblies. Al.exe creates an assembly from the resources files that you specify. By definition, satellite assemblies can only contain resources. They cannot contain any executable code.

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