Shortcut Keys in Visual Basic .NET

In this article, I show you some useful Shortcut Keys of .NET Framework Visual Basic.
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Shortcut Keys 



Ctrl + N

Opens the New Project Dialogue Box

Ctrl + Shift + O

Opens the Open File Dialog Box

Ctrl + Shift + A

Opens Add New Item window

Ctrl + D

Opens Add Existing Item window

Ctrl + S

Saves Current Form

Ctrl + Shift + S

Saves everything from Application

Alt + Q

Exits Visual Studio. NET

Ctrl + Z


Ctrl + Shift + Z


Ctrl + X

Cuts your selection

Ctrl + C

Copies your selection

Ctrl + V

Pastes your selection

Ctrl + A

Selects All


Deletes your selection

Ctrl + F

Opens Find window

Ctrl + H

Opens Find and Replace window

Ctrl + Shift + H

Opens Replace in Files window

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F12

Opens Find Symbol window


Opens Code Designer window

Shift + F7

Gets you back to Design View

Ctrl + R

Opens the Solution Explorer window

Ctrl + Alt + S

Opens the Server Explorer window

Ctrl + Shift + C

Opens the Class View window


Opens the Properties window

Ctrl + Shift + E

Opens the Resource view window

Ctrl + Alt + X

Opens the Toolbar window

Shift + Alt + Enter

Takes you to Full Screen View


Opens Macro Explorer window


Opens Object Browser window

Ctrl + Alt + T

Opens Document Outline window

Ctrl + Alt + K

Opens Task List window

Ctrl + Alt + A

Opens Command window

Ctrl + Alt + O

Opens Output window

Ctrl + Alt + Y

Opens Find Symbol Results window

Ctrl + Alt + F

Lists Items under the Favorites Menu in your Internet Explorer

Ctrl + Shift + B

Builds your project


Runs your Application

Ctrl + F5

Runs your Application without Debugging

Ctrl + Alt + E

Opens the Exceptions Dialog Box


Used while Debugging Applications

Shift + F8

Used While Debugging Applications

Ctrl + B

Inserts a New Breakpoint

Ctrl + Shift + F9

Clears All Breakpoints

Ctrl + Alt + P

Opens the Processes Dialog box

Ctrl + T

Opens Customize Toolbox window

Ctrl + Shift + P

Runs Temporary Macro

Ctrl + Shift + R

Records Temporary Macro

Alt + F11

Opens Macros IDE

Ctrl + F1

Opens Dynamic Help window

Ctrl +Alt + F1

Opens Help window sorted by Contents

Ctrl + Alt + F2

Opens Help window sorted by Index

Ctrl + Alt + F3

Opens Help Search window

Shift + Alt + F2

Opens Index Results window

Shift + Alt + F3

Opens Search Results window


I hope this article will help you to learn about useful Shortcut Keys of .NET Framework Visual Basic


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