Slider Control WPF in VB.NET

This article shows how to use slider control to manage zooming and rotation in WPF Application.
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Slider is a built-in control in WPF, used to control anything which takes a range. Useful applications include a zoom control or a rotate control. You can have horizontal and vertical sliders with any custom interval.

Slider Control

The Slider element in XAML represents a WPF Slider control.


The below code snippet generates a slider to scale the zoom property of a rectangle.

<Window x:Class="ScaleInCustomSystem"
  Title="Scale In Custom System" Height="310" Width="260">
       <Border BorderBrush="Black" BorderThickness="1" Height="200"
        Width="200" Margin="20">
            <Canvas Height="200" Width="200">
                        <ScaleTransform ScaleY="-1" />
              <Rectangle Canvas.Top="100" Canvas.Left="30" Width="80"
                Height="40" Stroke="darkgreen" StrokeThickness="3">
                ScaleX="{Binding ElementName=slider,Path=Value}"
                ScaleY="{Binding ElementName=slider,Path=Value}" />
        <Slider Name="slider" Minimum="0" Maximum="3" Value="1"
      TickPlacement="BottomRight" TickFrequency="0.2"
      IsSnapToTickEnabled="True" />



Now if you change the slider values, you will see that the size of rectangle also changes according to the slider values.


In this article, I discussed how to create and use a Slider control available in WPF.


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