Specify Parameters Data Type In Access 2010

In this article I am going to explain Specify parameters data type In Access 2010.
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Specify parameters data type
  • When we create a table then we decide a what type of data a parameter should accept.

  • We can set a data type for any parameter in access table.

  • Its set data for numeric, currency, or data-time.

  • If we specify a wrong parameter then users see a helpful error message, such as entering text when currency is expected.

  • Another then a parameter is set to accept text data, any input is interpreted as text, and no error message is displayed.

Following steps to specify data type for parameter in a query

  • First we open design view with the query, in the show hide group and then design tab.

  • After this process we click Parameters.


  • In the query parameters dialog box, in the Parameter column, type the prompt for each parameter for which we want to specify the data type.


  • Each parameter matches the prompt that we use in the criteria row of the query design grid.

  • In the Data Type column, select the data type for each parameter.

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