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This article describe about Spelling and Grammar checking option in Word 2010.
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Word has a decent Spelling and Grammar Checker that enable us to search and correct all spelling and grammar mistake in our document. Word is very intelligent for find the spelling and grammar mistake. These are the method in word through we can identify the error.

  • A red underline beneath spelling errors.
  • A blue line under correctly spelled but misused words.
  • A green underline beneath grammar errors.

Using Review Tab Check Spelling and Grammar

Step 1

Click on the Review Tab and then choose Spelling and Grammar button.


Step 2

Spelling and Grammar dialog box open that display a wrong spelling and grammar with write solution.


Dialog box has the following option that describe below.

  • Ignore Once: If You want to ignore a word then click on this button. Word ignore the  word throughout the document.
  • Ignore All:  It work like the ignore but it ignore the all occurrences of the same misspelling.
  • Add to Dictionary: Choose Add to Dictionary to add the word to the Word spelling dictionary.
  • Change: It is used for change the wrong suggested word with the correct suggested word.
  • Change All: It also work like Change, but change all occurrences of the same misspelling, not just this one.
  • AutoCorrect: It automatically change misspelled with the correct suggestion.

Step 3

Select one of above declared suggestions you want to use and click For this can you can see the effect in your document.

Step 4

Word displays a dialog box when it finishes checking for spelling and grammar mistakes, finally Click OK.


Using Right click Check spelling and Grammar

Right click over a misspelled word then it would show you correct suggestions you select one of the given suggestions.


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