System Namespace in C#

In this news i am going to explain about System Namespace in C#.
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System Namespace in fundamental namespace for c# application. It contain all the fundamental classes and base classes which are required in simple C# application. These classes and sub classes defines reference data type, method and interfaces. Some classes provide some other feature like data type conversion, mathematical function.

Some functionality provided by System namespace

  • Commonly-used value
  • Mathematics
  • Remote and local program invocation
  • Application environment management
  • Reference data types
  • Events and event handlers
  • Interfaces Attributes Processing exceptions 
  • Data type conversion
  • Method parameter manipulation

Some Classes provide by System namespace

  • AccessViolationException
  • Array
  • ArgumentNullException
  • AttributeUsageAttribute
  • Buffer
  • Console
  • Convert
  • Delegate
  • Exception
  • InvalidCastException

Some interfaces provided by System namespace

  • Public interface ICloneable
  • Public interface IComparable
  • Public interface IComparable<T>
  • Public interface IConvertible
  • Public interface ICustomFormatter
  • Public interface IDisposable
  • Public interface IEquatable<T>
  • Public interface IFormatProvider
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