Transactional Replication In SQL Server

This article describes about Transactional Replication and its component.
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Transactional Replication is one of the feature in SQL Server. It replicates data on one server i.e. Publisher to another server i.e. Subscriber as they occur. The data changes are applied to the Subscriber in the same order and in the same transaction boundaries according to their occurrence at the Publisher. Transactional Replication is used when DML or DDL schema changes on one server and these changes will be reflected on the database residing on another server.

Transactional Replication can run continuously or scheduled intervals. Its agents Snapshot, Log Reader and Distribution. Transactional Replication is appropriate in each of the following cases.

  • When you need incremental changes to be propagated to Subscribers as they occur.
  • When Publisher has a very high volume of insert, update and delete activity.
  • When Publisher or Subscriber is a non-SQL Server database.

Components of Transactional Replication

  • Distributor
  • Subscriber
  • Published

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