Use Singleton Pattern in PHP

In this article I explain how to create a singleton pattern in PHP.
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When your application has a class and the system only needs one instance of a class, and that instance is accessible throughout the program, and whenever the system only needs one instance of a class, but the object (instance) is used by a different application of a system then you can use a Singleton Pattern. Or in other words, if you want to build an application in PHP and the application implements a class that has only one instance, and this instance is to be accessible at the global level then you must use a singleton pattern of your application.

A singleton pattern is used to "Ensure a class has only one instance and provide a global point to retrieve it".

Example of Creating Singleton Pattern in PHP


 class SingletonExample


// Hold an instance of the class

private static $instance;

// A private constructor; prevents direct creation of object

private function __construct()


echo 'I am constructed. '."</br>";


// The singleton method

public static function singleton()


if (is_null(self::$instance)) {

$c = __CLASS__;

self::$instance = new $c;

//or self::$instance = new SingletonExample();


return self::$instance;


// Example method

public function GetMe()


echo 'Play with Singleton!';







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