Using String Array in C#

In this article I will explain that how to create Array using String in Array.
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We declare an Array "week" capable of seven String values and assigns the seven values as days in a week. And retrieve the elements of the Array using a foreach loop. An interesting point here is that the strings themselves are not stored in the array. Rather, just a reference to the string data is in the array. The strings are typically stored in the managed heap.

namespace demo_array


    class Program


       // Create string array of seven references.

        static void Main(string[] args)


           string[] week = new string[7];

            week[0] = "Sunday";

            week[1] = "Monday";

            week[2] = "Tuesday";

            week[3] = "Wednsday";

            week[4] = "Thursday";

            week[5] = "friday";

            week[6] = "Saturday";


            foreach (string strweek in week)










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