VB.NET Balloon Tooltip

How to create a Balloon Tooltip in VB.NET and Windows Forms.
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To create a balloon tooltip, we just need to set IsBalloon property of ToolTip control to true. The following code snippet create a balloon tooltip and attaches it to a Button control.

Dim buttonToolTip As New ToolTip()

buttonToolTip.ToolTipTitle = "Button Tooltip"

buttonToolTip.UseFading = True

buttonToolTip.UseAnimation = True

buttonToolTip.IsBalloon = True

buttonToolTip.ShowAlways = True

buttonToolTip.AutoPopDelay = 5000

buttonToolTip.InitialDelay = 1000

buttonToolTip.ReshowDelay = 500

buttonToolTip.IsBalloon = True

buttonToolTip.SetToolTip(Button1, "Click me to execute.")


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