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In this article you will learn How to get a substring from a string in VB.NET.
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String.Substring method retrieves a substring from a string. If you do not specify any parameters in this method, it will retrieve first sub string. You can also specify the starting index and number of characters in a substring you want to retrieve.

The following code snippet gets a string starting at index 0 (first character) to next 12 characters in a string. If a string has less than 12 characters, you will see an exception.

    Dim authorsString As String = "Mahesh Chand, Mike Gold, Raj Beniwal, Praveen Kumar"

    // Get a substring strating at 0th index to next 12 characters
    Dim mahesh As String = authorsString.Substring(0, 12)

     // Get all substrings separated by Space
    Dim commaSeparator As Char() = New Char() {","c}
    Dim authors As String() = authorsString.Split(commaSeparator, StringSplitOptions.None)
    For Each author As String In authors


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How to get a substring from a string in VB.NET.


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