What are Tiles in Windows 8 App

What are Tiles in Windows Store apps.
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Tiles are the first thing you will notice about Windows Store apps. Entire Windows 8 metro view is designed using tiles interface. Each tile represents a short cut for an application. You can launch an application by tapping or double clicking on a tile. Prior to Windows 8, when you think of a Windows application, you think of shortcuts and start menus to launch an application. But things have been totally changed in Windows 8 and Windows Store apps. Tile is the way to start an application.

Tiles are the new way to display user interfaces. A tile is a rectangle that displays some images and text. Some of the tiles feed live data and called live tiles.

Live Tiles

Live tiles are used to present live engaging new content that attract and invites visitors to launch your application. When your app is not running, the app still feeds live contents to the tile. The perfect example of a live tile is to display the headlines of a website. If you have an app with notifications, displaying new notification count is also a good way to utilize a live tile.


Square and Wide Tiles

An app will always have a square tile but you will have a choice to also supply a wide tile that required a wide logo. The wide tiles are used to display more fresh contents on the tile with more frequent updates. 

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