What is arithmetic operators in DART

In this article, i am going to explain about arithmetic operators in DART.
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Operators In DART

Although most of DART operators should be familiar to C and C++ developers, Here we will discuss about arithmetic operators.

  • Arithmetic operators

    DART supports different arithmetic operators.
Operators Meaning
+ To perform addition operation.
- To perform subtraction operation.
* To perform multiplication operation.
/ To perform division operation.
-expr Unary negation
~/ Divide, returning the integer value
% Get the remainder
++var Value is var+1 (Pri-increment).
var++ Value is var  (Post-increment).
--var Value is var-1 (Pri-decrement).
var-- Value is var (Post-decrement).

Example of arithmetic operators

void main() {

  int a=4,b=3;

  print("Welcome in DART Operator");

  print("The addition of $a and $b is ${a+b}");

  print("The subtraction of $a and $b is ${a/b}");

  print("The multiplication of $a and $b is ${a*b}");

  print("The division of $a and $b is ${a/b}");

  print("The negation of $a and $b is ${a~/b}");

  print("The reminder of $a and $b is ${a%b}");

  print("The pri-increment of $a is ${++a}");

  print("The post-increment of $a is ${a++}");// here a value is 5 because value of a is also increse by one in pri-increment //operation.

  print("The pri-decrement of $b is ${--b}");

  print("The post-decrement of $b is ${b--}");// here b value is 2 because value of b is also decrese by one in pri-decrement //operation.


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