What is Changed in SharePoint 2010

In this article I will explain some changes done by Microsoft in sharepoint 2010.
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Changed in  SharePoint 2010

1.        1. SharePoint Workspace product 
        In this we enables users to create a local, synchronized cache of document content on a SharePoint site. However, in SharePoint Workspace this is achieved by creating a personal, synchronized SharePoint workspace instead of using a SharePoint Files tool in an Office Groove 2007 workspace.

2.       2. Tools location

In this  list of tools has moved from the horizontal tab arrangement in the lower part of Workspace Explorer to a vertical arrangement on the File tab in SharePoint Workspace 2010.

3.       3.  User credentials

To improve consistency with other Microsoft Office 2010 applications, SharePoint Workspace 2010 has changed its security approach from a Groove-specific logon password or smartcard to Windows logon credentials for authenticating users.

4.       4.  Roles and permissions

In SharePoint Workspace 2010, permissions are automatically defined for Roles in Groove 2010 workspaces. Permissions continue to be editable in Groove 2007 workspaces.

5.       5.  Workspace Manager

Workspace Manager displays a list of a user's workspaces. This includes the workspace type, status information, and the last unread date and time. 


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