What is DART library

In this article, i will discuss about library in DART language
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DART Libraries

DART libraries is used to support web and web server development. DART libraries not only provide APIs , but it is a unit of privacy: they can implement details such as private variables. There are some of libraries of DART:

  • Core Library

    Core library contains interface to support common data structure and operations.
  • Html Library

    DART html library contains interfaces to the HTML5 DOM.
  • I/O Library

    DART I/O library contains interfaces to read and write files.
  • Isolate Library

    DART isolate library contains interfaces for spawning and communicating with isolates, the mechanism for concurrency and security in DART program.
  • Crypto Library

    DART crypto library contains interfaces for creating one-way hashes(SHA1,MD5,SHA256) and HMAC support.
  • Json Library

    DART json library contains ability to parse and produce JSON-encoded text.
  • Unit Test Library

    DART unit test library contains function and classes.

Example of  some DART Library


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