What is DOM Validation in XML

This article describe about DOM Validation in XML
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DOM Validation

It is used to take some restriction

XML Errors will Stop you

Errors in XML documents will stop your XML program.

If the W3C XML specification states if any program should not process continuously an XML document then it finds an error. It has the reason that is XML software easy to write ,and that is why all XML document should be compatible.
And in HTML it was possible to create document with "errors" (ex: drop end tags.).This is the reason that HTML browsers are very big and incompatible, and browser have their own way to look like when encounter an HTML error.
With XML this should not be possible.

Verify your XML syntax

If you do any mistake in XML document then  it give the error message.

For example

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<heading>Remember me</Heading>
<body>Don't forget me this year</body>


Note: Here the ending tag of from  "</From>" and "</Heading>" give the error message because XML is space and case sensitive.

Verify Your XML File



Note: If above mention url give the error message then "access denied" 

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