What is Entities in XML

In this article you will learn what is Entities in XML.
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DTD Entities

Entities are special keyword that has special meaning in XML. Or we can say it is variable used to define shortcut  of the special text and character also. Entities can be declared both internal and external.

Syntax Of Internal Entities declaration

<!ENTITY entity-name "entity-value">

Example Of Internal Entities declaration

<!ENTITY name "satya">
<!ENTITY company "MCN private solution">


One most important think

Entities has the three part (i) & (ii) entities name (iii) ";"


for Example:


&lt; <
&gt; >

An External Entity Declaration

Syntax of External entities

<!ENTITY entity-name SYSTEM "URI/URL">


<!ENTITY name SYSTEM "http://www.ducatindia.com/entities.dtd">
<!ENTITY company SYSTEM "http://www.ducatindia.com/entities.dtd">


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