What is Handling Server-Sent Events in HTML5

In this article I have describe about HTML5 Handling Events.
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Handling Server-Sent Events:

  • Every events are basically message events.
  • Event have three attributes in message event, defined by Message Event interface.
  • event.data: Returns the data or message sent as part of the message event.
  • event.origin: Returns the origin of the message and string containing the scheme (ex: http, https), and sent message was port.
  • event.lastEventId: Returns the unique identifier of the last event received.
  • The message event  is automatically stoped, then onmessage function will be invoked.
  • Handling a startingfive event using addEventListener.
  • Limitations become obvious if we send score or startingfive events as in our example.





<script type="text/javascript">


            addEventListener("server-time", eventHandler, false);

    function eventHandler(event) {

        // Alert time sent by the server

        document.querySelector('#ticker').innerHTML = event.data;






<div id="sse">

   <eventsource src="/cgi-bin/ticker.cgi" />


<div id="ticker" name="ticker">







Define the code

  • We create a new object in Event Source, then URL page sending the updates.
  • Message event receive update for each time.
  • Message put data into the element id="Sse".

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