What is inbuilt DART application in DART editor

In this article, i am going to explain in -built DART application.
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Application in DART

Some of application in DART is also pre written like clock.dart, sunflower.dart etc. To running all these application fallow the following steps:

  1. Fist go to Tool menu in DART editor and  click on Tool menu.
  2. After clicking on welcome page, different types of picture slides is present on welcome page.
  3. Click on clock picture slide for running purpose.
  4. When clock application will be open, you saw that code.
  5. To run that clock application, go to the run menu , at the run button a little arrow is specified at right side, and a little arrow is specified at the right of the run button. You click on arrow , a dialog is appears,  you saw a manage launch option, you click on that option.
  6. After clicked on that a option a window will be open. In this window also a run button is given, and it a little arrow is also specified at the right of run button. Click on arrow a dialog is open, you choose a JavaScript launch.
  7. If  a user default system browser checkbox in browser legend is checked, then  Unchecked it.
  8. After completing all these step, you clicked on run button.

DART in-built clock program out put:


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