What Is Microsoft Access 2010

In this article I am going to explain what is Access 2010.
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What Is Access?

Microsoft Access 2010 introduces numerous features that are not supported in Office Access 2007.

Microsoft Access 2010 is use to keep track of important information, it is design database application.

We can keep the data on our computer and the data publish to the web, so then the database use other persons with a web browser. 

Many people start using Microsoft Access when the program keep track of something gradually becomes less fit for the task. 

For Example, we are an event planner and we want to keep all information and details, when we need to manage to make our events successfully.

We can easily run into trouble with duplicate and inconsistent data, when we use word processor or spreadsheet program.

we can use calendaring software, but tracking financial information in a calendar.

Layout of Access


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