What Is Microsoft Outlook 2010

In this article I will explain you about outlook 2010.
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 Outlook is the Product of Microsoft. It is basically used to email client included with the Microsoft Office suite. It is a tool of  Microsoft Office package. It is designed to operate as an independent personal information manager. It work as an Internet mail client. Using it we conjunction with the Microsoft Exchange Server for group scheduling, email, and task management. It manages email, calendars, contacts, tasks, to-do lists, and documents or files on the hard drive. Outlook helps us to communicate through email, phone support, and group scheduling capabilities. Outlook also helps us to share information by means of public folders, forms, and Internet connectivity.

It use following components:

1. Mail - Using this component we send, receive and manage email messages. Messages can be sent to other users on our network, or to external contacts with a valid email address, and can include file attachments, shortcuts and hyperlinks to web pages.

2. Calender - It is used to keep track of appointments and plan meetings with other Outlook users. On a personal level, it can be used to record appointments, events and important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. On a group level, it can be used to schedule and track meetings with other users at a time convenient to all involved. 

3. Contects - It is an area which is used to maintain address information for all internal and external contacts. The contact list can be used to send messages to contacts, view contact web pages, view maps to the contact's place of work and to record important contact dates such as birthdays.

4. To-do list - It is used to comprising jobs that can be assigned to other users, tracked and scheduled in our calendar. we can check the status of a task, set a priority for each task, and set tasks that recur at specific intervals. 

5. Notes - Outlook can also be used to record notes for any textual information. Notes can be posted on your desktop as constant reminders and can be forwarded to other users or included in word processing documents.

In this we can find more information easily with Windows shortcuts, which let us navigate to any private, public, or file system folders. Outlook Journal helps us to find a document based on creation date and name.

Outlook lets us to arrange information any way we want to see it. We can apply any of Outlook's standard five views to information, or we can customize a view using the Field Chooser and Group By Box features.

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