What is MySQL

In this article I am going to explain about MySQL.
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PHP MySQL introduction

MySQL database is a open source database server . It provides many of feature like high performance, robust transactional support etc. All database contain one or more table, and each table have the unique name that contain record in the form of rows and columns.

Database store categorically information. for example a company have different table like "Customers" and "Orders", "Employees", "Products".

Database Tables

Data stored in the MySQL database object called tables. Table consist of rows and columns and store related data. 

 Example of  table emp that contain the record

Id Fname Lname Address City
101 Abc Xyz Delhi 06 Delhi
102 Aman Kumar Nodia 63 Nodia
102 Arun Kumar New Delhi 96 Delhi

The table above contain five records and three columns ( id, fname , lname, address,  city ).

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