What is MySQL in PHP

In this article I am going to explain about MySQL functions in PHP.
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PHP MySQL Functions

MySQL database is a open source database server . It provides many of feature like high performance, robust transactional support etc. All database contain one or more table, and each table have the unique name that contain record in the form of rows and columns.

 There are different type of functions in MySQL:

Function Description
mysql_affected_rows It returns number of affected row in previous operation.
mysql_client_encoding It returns the name of character set for the current connection.
mysql_close It closing one open connection to MySQL database.
mysql_connect It opens non-persistent MySQL connection.
mysql_dataseek Move internal result pointer.
mysql_db_name It returns database name from a call to mysql_list_dbs function.
mysql_errno It returns the numerical value of the error message from previous MySQL operation
mysql_error It returns error message of the last MySQL operation.
mysql_fetch_array It returns a row from a recordset as an associative array , a numeric array or both.
mysql_fetch_field It returns column information from a result and returns as an object
mysql_fetch_lengths It get the length of each output in a result.
mysql_fetch_object It returns a row from a recordset as an object.
mysql_fetch_row It returns a row from a recordset as a numeric array.
mysql_field_flags It returns the flag associated with the specified field in a result.
mysql_field_len It returns length of specified field.
mysql_field_name It returns the name of a field in a recordset.
mysql_field_seek Moves the result pointer to a specified field.
mysql_field_table It returns name of the table the specified field is in
mysql_field_type It returns the type of a field in a recordset.
mysql_free_result It returns free result memory.
mysql_get_client_info It returns mysql client information.
mysql_get_host_info It returns mysql host information.
mysql_get_proto_info It returns mysql protocol information.
mysql_info It returns information about the most recent query.
mysql_insert_id It returns auto_increment generated from the previous insert operation.
mysql_list_dbs List database available on a MySQL server.
mysql_list_processes List MySQL processes.
mysql_num_fields It returns number of fields in result.
mysql_num_rows It returns num of row in a result.
mysql_pconnect It opens a persistent MySQL connection.
mysql_ping Ping a server connection or reconnect to a MySQL server.
mysql_query Executes a query on a MySQL database.

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