What is new in Publisher 2010

In this article I will explain some new feature of Outlook 2010.
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  1. Backstage View - in this we replaces the file menu of previous versions. Here we find commands that affect the whole application.

  2. Conversation Management - it is a big change that pulls all messages related to a conversation into a single "thread".

  3. Calendar Preview - It is a new feature that shows a preview of a meeting in your inbox so that you can see conflicting appointments without having to open up the calendar.

  4. Quick Steps -  these are sequences of commands that are grouped together so that they can be initiated with one click of a mouse.

  5. People Pane - the people pane is the visible part of the Outlook Social Connector that connects Outlook with social networking sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.

  6. Mail tips - it inform the user that they are about to send emails to groups or individuals outside of their organization. These alerts are designed to help you avoid common, sometimes embarrassing, mistakes.

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