What Is Relational database in Access 2010

In this article I am going to explain what is relational database in Access 2010.
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Relational databases in Access

Relational database is a storehouse of data that has been separated into smaller collections of data tables and common fields, and then eliminate all redundancy data.

For Example Event planner is contain a table database with customer information with a vender information and event information.

The table with event information might have a field to relate it to the customer table, and a field to related to the vendor information.

If we want to change a vendor phone number then the information could be change the vendor table and insert every event where vendor is involved.

Microsoft Access is a process to quickly and easily develop relational database and manage the information in access.

We contains any kind of information and create a database in Microsoft Access, such as inventory, professional contacts, or business processes.

When you open Access

When we start Access 2010, we see the Microsoft Office Backstage view, where we can get information about the current database, create a new database, open an existing database, and view featured content from Office.com.

Backstage view also contains many other commands that we can use to adjust, maintain, or share our databases. Commands in Backstage view generally apply to entire databases, not to objects inside of a database.

Backstage view of Access 2010


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